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Child Protection Policy

The Board of Management recognises that child protection and welfare considerations permeate all aspects of school life ... [more]

Policy Booklet

Please read our School Ethos & Code of Behaviour Booklet. It was compiled over time, by school personnel ... [more]

Enrolment Policy

Guardian Angels’ National School is a Catholic School under the Patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin. Pupils for enro... [more]

Data Protection Policy

To download in full, please click – Data Protection Record-Retention Policy... [more]

Administration of Medicines Policy

To download policy details, please click Administration of Medication  ... [more]

Our Healthy Lunch Policy

Healthy Lunches We encourage all our students to bring a healthy lunch to school every day. We have a treat on...... [more]

Homework Policy

To download details, please click Homework Policy  ... [more]

Parent/Staff Communication Policy

Please click to download our Parent-School-Communication-Policy  ... [more]

Anti-bullying Policy

At Guardian Angels’ NS we believe that each pupil has a right to an education free from fear and intimidation.   ... [more]

Anti-cyber-bullying Policy

Guardian Angels’ NS aims to ensure that children in our care are safe and feel safe from bullying, harassment and disc... [more]