History of our school

History of Our School

History of our school

Guardian Angels’ N.S. was established in 1970, not long after the parish church was opened. The first principal of Guardian Angels’ N.S. was Mrs Mary O’Sullivans. The earliest building on the site was a pre- fabricated wooden structure, which consisted of 6 classrooms, the staffroom and two blocks of toilets.


Mr. Tom Garry arrived in the school in 1976 and became principal. He soon saw the need for a more permanent building.The prefabs were freezing in winter and boiling in summer, and were very noisy.


I978 saw the official opening of a new part of the school, the halla and 4 permanent classrooms, where the infants now have their classrooms. Between 1970 and 1981 the school grew to become an 8 teacher school. As the numbers rose throughout the 1990’s a more ambitious plan was developed.


Mr. Walter Cullinane became acting principal in 1992 and in 1995 when he became Principal he applied to the Department of Education to build a new school to replace the by now almost 30 year old prefab. In 1999 we had the grand opening of the latest part of the school.


The present block consists of 12 classrooms which houses first to sixth classes, the library, resource rooms and offices. The final part of the development of the school was the linking of the resource area to the rest of the school.


The buildings in the school are constantly being monitored and assessed to make sure that we have a safe, comfortable, eco friendly and technologically advanced environment for all our children and staff.