Parking and Road Safety

Parking and Road Safety

The safety of our pupils, staff and visitors is our primary concern.  Let us all work to achieve that.

Car Park

Courtesy: if we all behave courteously and take our time we will have fewer problems and more importantly all of our children will be safe.  An extra few minutes will make all the difference.

Most children can be dropped off at the school gate particularly from First Class up (Stop, Drop and Move Off)

Please do not block the one way system by stopping and waiting.

Think before you Park – Only park in the designated parking spaces.

It is dangerous to park near the bollards and the railings.

Children should use the walkway inside the silver bollards, rather than walk, cycle or scooting across the car park.

Please dismount from scooters and bicycles at the entrance to the walkway.

School & Surrounding Area

Always use the lollipop ladies (School Wardens) on Newtownpark Avenue and at the junction at Stradbrook Road.  Parents/Guardians please show the best example here.

Please do not park on double yellow lines or block the driveways of our neighbours.

Be mindful of other road and footpath users.