Enrolment – policy and form

Applications for new pupils in Junior Infants will be accepted after 1st October, the year preceding the child’s expected entry to the school. Application forms can be downloaded below and once completed, returned to the school or emailed to info@guardianangels.ie. Places are allocated in the following order (ranked in terms of age – oldest first – in each category):


  1. Siblings of pupils currently enrolled in Guardian Angels’ NS.
  2. Children living within the Parish of the Guardian Angels. Click for details of the districts in Parish of the Guardian Angels.
  3. Children of staff members in Guardian Angels’ NS.
  4. Any other applicant living outside the Parish of the Guardian Angels.


Children will be accepted into other classes from Senior Infants to Sixth Class if there is a space available. Guardian Angels’ NS accepts a maximum of 30 pupils per class. If a place is not available, they will be placed on a waiting list and the parents/guardians will be notified if one becomes available. A current school report and other reports (where applicable) must be provided before a pupil’s entry into Guardian Angels’ NS.


Pupils transferring during the school year will be offered a place, if there is space in the appropriate class.


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Enrolment Policy


An application form for enrolment in Guardian Angels’ National School can be downloaded here:

GANS enrolment form (pdf version): GANS enrolment form

GANS enrolment form (Word version): GANS enrolment form