Active Week

Since October the children in Guardian Angels’ have been doing lots of physical activities both inside and outside the classroom. With the help of Ms. Harten, Ms. Troy and the Senior children we have been dancing, skipping, using hoola hooops, running a km everyday. We hope to continue this to work towards our next Active Flag.

The children took part in Active Schools Week from 23rd – 27th April. The Department of Education and Skills and Healthy Ireland encourage ALL schools to organise an Active School Week (ASW) as part of their annual school calendar.

The ASW initiative is about providing FUN and INCLUSIVE physical activity opportunities for ALL members of the school community. It allows schools to reinforce the message that not only is physical activity good for you but it also very enjoyable. It provides schools with an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the physical activity opportunities that are available in their locality and to work collaboratively with students, parents and members of the community.

Everyday for the week we had different activities for all the children, the children have also been given less written homework to allow time for physical homework. We hope that this will continue to be an annual event, creating a healthier school population.